Dan Torres from Bicol, TNT sa America...

Grocery Cashier: Visa or Master?
Dan: (kinabahan) Hanap Visa ko!
(Nagmadali sumakay sa kotse, but he needs gas)
Gasoline Boy: Pay first..
Dan (nerbyos na nerbyos) Patay! Papers daw...
(runs to the booth to call home)
Operator: AT&T, can I help you?
Dan: (namutla): Alam na TNT ako!!
(Labas sya ng booth)
Kano: Are you done?
Dan(pawisan): Alam nila name ko?!
Kano: Tourist?
Dan: Apelyido rin?!
Kano: Be cool!
Dan: Pati Probinsya ko?!
(Hinimatay si Dan)

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