Tennis Lessons

by: mavisrueda

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22 Aug 2006

Remember when I wrote about having tennis lessons? It pushed through last Thursday, followed by another one last Saturday. On Thursday, there were three of us, me, my friend and another girl from Morocco. Our tennis instructor taught us the ready position, the forehand, backhand, volley and the service as well. For beginners like me, it was quite a handful but I think that was better than not learning anything at all. The first day went really fine. But on Saturday, I thought there were too many of us in the court. Although our instructor was attending only to the three of us, I felt that there were too many distractions. We couldn’t have the court to ourselves because the other former students of our instructor were also there. Tennis balls were flying everywhere, making us a bit wary of being hit. Well, I got hit on the back of my head the first day so I guess you can’t blame me if I get a bit wary. It’s a good thing that I still remembered my name afterwards. Last Saturday, we learned how to “smash”. Then later on we tried playing doubles, of which my husband strongly opposed. He was saying that we shouldn’t have been allowed to do that since we still haven’t mastered the basics. Well he did have a point there. We couldn’t even make a good serve, I was only able to make one during the whole time I was serving. We only have 2 remaining meetings to go. I am really hoping that the last 2 ones will be much better than the last one.

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