Malls in Qatar

We’ve been to the following Malls in Qatar:

1. City Center Doha (CCD) – This is said to be the biggest Mall in the Middle East for now (a bigger mall is being built in Dubai and to be completed next year). Having 4 floors, it has the Carrefour Supermarket, Home Center (furniture), Qtel office, Shoe Mart, Benetton, Splash, Debenhams, Jumbo Electronics, Adams, Mothercare and other high-end shops. They have an ice skating rink, a Water Park for Kids, an amusement center and more than 10 cinemas. In comparison to Seef Mall in Bahrain and Rashid Mall in Khobar, it is indeed quite large. Although SM Mega Mall in the Philippines is twice bigger. You can get around CCD and see everything in less than 30 minutes. They say groceries are cheaper here than the 3 below but probably by a riyal or less. If you’re looking for home furniture and furnishings, you can go to Home Center. It is a bit cheaper here than IDdesign (The Mall) and The One (The Landmark). You have Jumbo Electronics which carries the LG brand, from aircons, televisions and sound systems (they have Yamaha and my sought-after Harman Kardon receivers). Carrefour also sells cameras, phones, PCs and other electronic items. Among the 4, you can see a lot more here.

2. The Mall – The smallest among the 4. It has 2 floors, although the 2nd floor is less than half occupied. You basically have 3 small shops on the second floor and IDdesign. They have Mango, Gulf Greetings, Mothercare, CK, Oasis, Milano, Fuji Image Service and other shops which aren’t that big nor well-known. They have Qmart supermarket, which is the smallest but has a lot of imported goods from the West. They also have cinemas here and would soon have a Chilis restaurant. The Mall is close to the Lulu Hypermarket.

3. Lulu Hypermarket – Having 2 floors, the ground floor has the big Lulu Supermarket and the second floor has the Lulu department store. The department store has unbranded clothes for men and women, infants and children, toys, school supplies, baby items, and electronics and appliances section. They have a perfume section though I can’t comment on the prices as we haven’t tried asking the shops in the other malls. They also showcase a lot of television brands on their floors. I noticed that the Panasonic prices are 1000 to 1500 riyals cheaper than in Bahrain and Saudi. I saw a 29”Digital Progressive TV for 1999 Riyals. But Mavis is interested with the 34” Samsung Digital TV. They also have a Qpost Station for your snail mail needs along with a Qtel office for your telephone (landline and wireless) needs.

4. The Landmark – The Landmark has Bang and Olufsen (Electornics), Jennyfer, Music Master (Cds and DVDs), Mango, Esprit, Massimo Dutti, Godiva Chocolates, Mothercare, Milano, Mexx, Nine West, Osh Kosh B’gosh, Sisley, The BodyShop, The One, Benetton, Zara and other well-known shops. They have a Qtel Station where you can pay your bills. They have Mega Mart as their supermarket. They have a food court and a big amusement park. In all, City Center almost has everything that you could need but it depends on specific shop or service that you are looking for. I don’t know if they have a Qpost in CCD. Also, CCD is quite far from the other malls as the other mall are just like 5- 10 minutes away from each other. There are probably 2-3 other small malls that we have not gone to yet. Also, we’re looking forward to going to the local shopping centers (souks) once we get our car next week.

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