Life and Leisure in Doha, Qatar: The FAQ Series 2

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20 Aug 2006

How much is the typical rate for housing in Qatar?

  • 1 bedroom sharing – minimum of QR1000/monthly
  • 3 Bedroom flat = QR5500 to QR6500/month (unfurnished/semi furnished)
  • Compound Type = 8000 to 12000/month (difficult to get, people are waitlisted even for a year now, lucky if you get one)
  • Villa = 15,000 to 30,000++/month

Comparing that to Saudi standards, a very posh villa in Saudi can go for 60k-125k per year! A standard Villa with pool and gym and with 3 bedrooms would cost 45k-60k per year. A 3 bedroom flat in new buildings can cost between 20k-35k/year while it is easy to get a 3 bedroom flat in old buildings for less than 15k/year.

Landlords usually ask you to give them checks for the specified number of year/s you agreed on which they would encash monthly. That means you need to have a checking account in one of the banks in Qatar so you can pay.

One thing to consider is that at the moment, the increase in people going to Qatar also made it easier for the landlords to increase rentals. They’re allowed by law to increase your rent at 10% per year, after your contract expires. However, a lot of them have been trying to work around the law to ask for even higher increases from tenants. You may read another of our posts about this here.

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September 6th, 2006 at 1:46 pm

I required flat with 1 room (sharing) in doha.

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