Balikbayan Box from Bahrain

by: mavisrueda

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6 Jun 2005

We spent almost the whole day, friday, to pack some of our stuff to be sent to the Philippines and to Qatar. A week ago, Mavis was soooo excited at the thought of sending a "Balikbayan Box" to the Philippines. A "Balikbayan Box" is supposed to be a box filled with goodies and stuff that you send back home for your family and relatives. "Balik" means return, while "Bayan" means country. We usually bring our "pasalubong"/gifts to our families by placing them on our luggages when we come home. So this time, we we’re going to shop and have them sent through cargo. The thought of family actually opening the box and trying to set aside items for their use is what makes us excited. I remember when dad sends/brings these boxes home. Everyone stands in front of the box being opened and tries to see if the item being lifted out of the box had their name on it. Or grabbed items that we want to claim. And the smell of the box is actually different. Intoxicating. He he he he. But it does smell different, i don’t know why. Mavis and I had our budget to spend. So we went to Geant. It’s actually a supermarket but sells items that you can possibly think of; electronics, perfume, clothes, shoes, gardening, etc. We went to buy them lotions, sandals, dishwashing liquid, chocolates, coffee, deodorant, some baby items… anything you can think of. I also packed my 5.1 Harman Kardon 3000 Audio Video Receiver for my dad-in-law. Have used that for about 3 years and it really is a great receiver but decided that it was time to part with it. My dad-in-law would really like it since he is into music and stuff, but I don’t know if he’s that audio-tech savvy enough to fix and make use of the receiver. Well, he is in Japan right now so we’ll have to see when he comes back to the Philippines this October/November. Otherwise, he has to wait for me to come home to set it up for him. Then for my mom, we decided to send our 29" JVC flat TV home. We bought her a 21′ inch flat TV last year and bought dad an Audio Component but decided to give her our TV since we just plan to buy a new one in Qatar. I just don’t know if the TV cart that they have at home would be able to carry the weight of the TV. We even haven’t told her yet of the TV! Last Saturday morning, Forex Cargo came to get the boxes. We sent a pair to Angeles and sent another to Baguio. Since we are shipping the items, it would take roughly a month before they reach their destinations. If only we could take photos of them while opening the boxes 😉

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Life on the Spot: Doha, Qatar

August 23rd, 2015 at 12:54 pm

[…] There has been a lot of talk on the news and social media regarding the announcement of the Philippine Bureau of Customs (BOC) wanting to impose a tighter control on the inspection of “Balikbayan boxes” arriving in the Philippine ports. Balikbayan boxes are like “care packages” of goodies, clothes, food, toys toiletries, etc., placed in a corrugated box, sent to the families of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) back in the Philippines through freight forwarders or brought by the OFW when returning home. It is part of the Filipino culture in which travelers usually brought “pasalubong” back to their families after travelling. See my old (really old) post regarding Balikbayan boxes here. […]

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